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Enhanced Sustainability is the way to remain relevant into the future. Regulators and governments demand more compliance to an ever growing number of rules and laws are deemed necessary to protect life and the environment.

Fact is that regulations, rules or compliance enforcement impair an organization’ functioning and are often based on reductionistic sciences which overlook non-linearity and complexity. The success and sustainability of a business or other organizations are not only determined by financial or economic performance, but also by a good reputation which can only be earned by acting socially, environmentally and humanly responsible. Rules and regulations become guidelines.

Therefore we apply Cybernetics and Systems Science as tools to govern and steer complexity. In this way you can achieve maximum control. Our Training Courses are based on an systemic way of looking at operations, processes and management. They are constantly being updated by the latest developments in HSE, technology, humanities and international guidelines.

When we learn to see business and life as networks within natural systems and understand interrelation and interdependence with these natural systems, risks are minimized. Sustainability is not feasible without systems thinking. The start of sustainability is understanding what our impact on reality is. We offer a comprehensive Sustainability for Tank Terminals and Refineries training program.
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